Friday, June 6, 2008

The news from Mobile Messenger

Originally the post contained Mobile Messenger's Summary Terms, wherein you confirmed your sign up for their service by clicking.

The content of the Summary of Terms drew an unusually heavy keyword-based traffic, spread evenly throughout these multitudinous top queries:

mobile messenger flirt tips 8.51%
33999 text message 5.67%
million dollar wall 5.67%
33999 mobile messenger flirt tips 4.96%
dr. allen ubah 4.26%
atm/pay/2008/012 2.84%
milliondollarwall 2.13%
mobile messenger flirt tips 33999 2.13%
text message 33999 2.13%
the million dollar wall 2.13%
"wifey's world" 1.42%
1800-235-7105 1.42%

and less than 1%:

33999 mobile messenger flirttips 33999
mobile messenger 33999
mobile messenger flirttips 33999
short code 33999
what is alltel mobile messenger flirt tips
"1800 235 7105"
"text help to 33999 "
"virgin mobile" 33999
1916 , title 6 ; section 303
33999 flirting tips
33999 mobile messenger flirt tip
33999 short code
33999 text message stop
33999 text tips
5.5million atm card
allen ubah
alltel mobile messenger flirt tips
alltel mobile messenger flirttips
are placing ads on atms illegal?
att wireless service 33999 scam
wall of ads pay by pixel

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ezpohome1 scam
flirt tips alltel
john max +447035904058
josie jacksonville
milfette blog september 2008
million dollar pixel mobile messenger

The content dealt with the signup, which involved the use of the person's unique PIN; the termination option invloving the sending of an SMS with the word STOP to the short number 33999. Virgin Mobile, Boost, Alltel, Nextel, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Cellular One, and AT & T customers were assigned various terms for flirting tips.


mobilmessenger said...

Please remove the above post of Mobile Messenger's summary terms and then this post. Thank you.

mobilmessenger said...

Please remove the above blog post of Mobile Messenger's summary terms. Thank you.

Kelly W. said...

I understand the nature of your request. Please remember that blogosphere and the web in general are public domains where information obtained from other public domains, and through publicly accessible sources is the most most natural to the content of sites and blogs. The right to post such information is indelible and undeniable.

Just think for a moment about myriads of sites offering advice on illegal access to trade secrets, proprietary information, and other security related data. The web is full of hacks, as well as tricks, including such hacks to exploit the service of your own corporate products. Out of respect for any business, I do not contemplate using such illegal information.

You can easily discover that I do not post any cheats, hacks, and workarounds to any of your services. The content posted has been highly visible on other sites, after all, that's is where I have obtained it.

In light of this, your request to remove it and the comment following it is deemed as being against the concept of web's public domain and freedom to post therein any openly available information.